Man has been speculating from centuries about the evolution of Universe. Ever since the humans have started to civilize they have been wondering what’s there beyond us and why? Many have devoted their whole life in unlocking the mysteries of this curious universe and many others might continue to do that in future. Most of those learned people came up with brilliant ideas and brought forward their discoveries which were contradicted earlier (human nature) and were somehow accepted later. These so called discovered keys did unlock few mysteries but on the other hand left many still locked. If one theory fits well in one phenomena unfortunately it doesn't fit in the other. Mankind has yet to unveil the master plan which has answer for everything and that missed link will complete the universe’s jigsaw puzzle for ever.

To identify this missing link we probably not have to go far beyond galaxies or attempt to communicate with aliens or even send space ships deep into the space. It is not always important to think outside of the box when the solution lies right inside. We might not even need hi-tech laboratories to experiment in when the nature has provided us a live sample that we live in i.e. “Our Solar System”.

Our solar system is itself a nature’s mini laboratory; Sun, planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, objects, dust, gases, and water etc (the visible matter) are the devices to use and study their function. These said devices also make us fully understand about any happening/phenomenon, which we can’t see by the naked eye or even by any of our man made devices. Further, information gathered by us (Astronomers/Scientists) over Astronomy and already known Mechanical Physics laws are sufficient to understand practical results and to know working mechanism by the said Nature’s solar-devices. If we carefully study our solar system and observe not only the intricate details but also as a whole picture there is no doubt that we will find the master key which unlocks each and every phenomena not only in our solar system but in this unimaginably massive universe. There would be few scientists or people with interest in science or say Astronomy /  Astrophysics who would already be working on this plan but there is one who has taken a lead and already cracked the code. This new discovery by someone who has always questioned the obvious has found the answer to all the mysteries.

This site puts forward the work of the discoverer for the whole world to go through, ponder and willingly accept or contradict with a reason and prove the discovery wrong. It is important to know that this discovery is not a ‘Theory” or a ‘Speculation’, it is a description of true working mechanism of our solar system and hence the universe. A fact always remains a fact irrespective of one’s capability to understand it. “If any description fits well in all the phenomena and leaves nothing unanswered then it is not a theory but a fact”.

This discovery was made public in 2007 by the discoverer who is not a professional scientist. An individual businessman with science background stumbled upon this discovery when researching in the field of ageing. So far despite his several ongoing requests to authenticate the claims no one from any concerned authorities has replied appropriately. Due to reluctant approach of the authorities the discoverer has thrown an open challenge to prove him wrong over the discovered claims. The details of challenge and compilation of his discovery can be accessed at

As the site is an ocean of information and contradictions the reader can sometimes find themselves lost in all that information, hence this site True Astronomy is conceived. It is an attempt to rearrange the contents of the discovery for easy understanding by the reader. This is necessary because to understand the true working mechanism of the solar system and the Universe we will have to take you back into 16th century when it all started to happen. It is quite astonishing that even after 500 years of research in the field of Astronomy and Physics we (world) still are speculating about formation and working of our own mother ‘Earth’. The root cause of not being able to solve the mysteries of universe is not due to any lack of funding for space exploration or not having enough scientists / Astronomers / Astrophysicists but the root cause is wrong foundations. Concept of wrong and false knowledge has its off shoot branch from the era, when properties of the ‘Light’ (prime and commonly understood as a kind of the rays) were defined. Now it is the mind-set of the concerned/key scientists, which has dragged the World to the present day over the wrong and false track. If any science concerned person really wishes to understand that what is correct, the concerned will have to go back in the field of knowledge from where first wrong step was taken. There is absolutely no midway branch or the route to understand discovery claims (True-Astronomy).

Discovered working mechanism of celestial bodies does not relate only to the Light-rays, but it relates to all kinds of the rays along with free particles of the matter, which a Sun/Star ejects. Further, it is not only the Sun/star, which ejects the rays and particles of the matter but………………………… (Explanation is under the relevant chapter).

Before any illustration is given over the discovery claims; brief knowledge of the history of the discovery over understanding of the properties of ‘Light’ and its propagation is required, so that Concerned(s) may be able to go back at the right point from where the World  took the first wrong-step in search to explore secrets of the Nature (Astronomy). It is highly recommended to read in the same order as posted and do not jump ahead.

Welcome to the world of real and true knowledge.